The Little Girl and the Fruit Stand

great story;)

The Japan Standard

Travis looked at our new friend with a smile as she leveled a fresh insult at him.
“Are you stupid?” She was trying to get Travis to find the male stag beetle hidden in a bucket of females. Fuwari, a little girl we met while hiking through the hills of Yamanashi prefecture in central Japan, spoke a great deal of English. When it came to beetles — a capture and sell business she helped run at the advanced age of eight — she either couldn’t be bothered with her second language or knew her limits.
While she kept Travis occupied sexing beetles, offering details of what to look for in Japanese, I sat with someone else’s beer in my hand. See, when Fuwari wasn’t abusing random backpackers, she was making sure I didn’t see the bottom of my cup. She’d take beer from anywhere, including her mother’s hands, before…

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